Wniti dating

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Wniti dating

Thus, in zotilogy, in a scientific name consisting ot two words the aeennd of which is derived from a proper name, only tho first would be capi- talized.

The difference observed in regard to the capitalizing of the second element in zoologi- cal and botanical terms is in accordance with the existing usage in the two sciences. A fire-pan in which perfumes were to sweeten the atmosphere, having its lid " corated v A emotoph hia name and title kept. i ' ' Perliapallua building [Mb of L, t IL 3L lybe ahl ahuuld pru|M-r aa 11 U perfedly wild, and do cave been found beneath it.

The title-words begin with a small (lower- case) letter, or with a capital, according to usage. Same as Cenozoic, .] In Ifyench-Canadtan late, a tenant holding under a seignior by virtue of payment of cens.

The figures by which the synonym-lints are sometimes divided indicate the senses or defi- nitions with which they are connected. In Rossis there Is a very rigid censorship of the press. In the United States the press ia, and always hat been, ahwdutely free from any form of political or ccclcsi- etu Mirship.

As the Cyclopedia of Name* grew out of the Dictionary and supplemented it on its encyclopedic side, so the Atlas grew out of the Cyclopedia, and serves as an extension of its geographical material, Each of these works deals with a different part of the great field of words, — common words and names, — while the three, in their unity, constitute a work of reference which practically covers the whole of that field.

The total number of words and names defined or other- wise described in the completed work is about 450,000.

The first edition of The Century Dictionary was completed in 1891. Digitized by Google ■ THE CENTURY DICTIONARY AN ENCYCLOPEDIC LEXICON OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE i PREPARED UNDER THE SUPERINTENDENCE OF WILLIAM DWIGHT WHITNEY, Ph. NEW YORK Digitized by Google Copyright, 1889, 1890, 1891, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1899, 1900, 1901. Digitized by Google ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE ETYMOLOGIES AND DEFINITIONS.

Then- are two kinds of cement well known in Europe, /Vrt/iimf and Human. t: fkaiifn, 170*.— Rubber cement, (ol clean esjoat- chouc triturated with a small quantity of sulphur and dis- solved in Wnzine or *on H.

Toeriticize, especially Bd- vorsely; find fault with and condemn; blame; express disapprobation of: as, lo censure a man, or his manners or conduct; to ocnjrorr a book.

Clarendon censures the continental governments with great h Hlernea* for not interfering in our internal dis- tentions Jfcinnutaj/, Halhutis Const Hist - Syn.

e.j for •'lower-case" are used to indicate this varia- tion.

When usage differs, in this matter, with the different senses of a word, tho abbre- viations [cap.] for "capital" and [I.

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The genus i» referred to the family Tinisle, cerotate fse'ro-tat).

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