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The tale is tragic because of the failures of the system that a convicted rapist could have been out to commit so many more crimes.

The failure of the system and the unresolved nature of some of his crimes makes this story less neat than Bundy and Gacy.

Together they manage to provide the hotel guests with whatever they desire, at whatever the cost.He has six points in his last five games and he's up to 25 goals and 47 points in 53 games.Spezza was a healthy scratch last Monday and it seems like the move has helped spark some offense.The events span a long period of time from the 60s to 2010.The makers of the TV movie for some strange reason decided to tell the tale in a fragmented manner jumping around a lot in time.

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It's clear when they do it - unfortunately it leaves some unanswered questions and bewilders the viewer unnecessarily and breaks up the tension of the movie.

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