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Dax: We have such different backgrounds, it's comical.

Until I was 32, I thought the world was just wolves, that there was no way anyone was acting with any kind of benevolence.

Kristen Bell flaunted her cleavage while clad in double denim for a new spread shot by photographer James Macari.

The 37-year-old mother-of-two discovered a subtle way to influence her daughters Delta, two; and Lincoln, four; to adapt her disciplined diet and workout ethic.'It's important to me to show my children that I care about my health and fitness enough to stay committed.

In my previous relationship, we went to couples' therapy at the end, and that's often too late. But he, having worked through a variety of emotional issues to get sober, said, "This isn't going to work.

You can't go after nine years and start figuring out what patterns you're in. This isn't how I'm going to communicate for the rest of my life." When someone doesn't fight back and goes, "I don't want to do this," that threat is real. The way Dax and I argue now — and we argue a lot; we disagree on almost everything! Dax: I read the Malcolm Gladwell book, and there's a chapter about this University of Washington researcher who interviews couples.

Dax helped me learn that I don't have it all figured out.

Sometimes that's the greatest gift someone can give you.

"You really have to be maintaining the relationship, and it is work," Dax told His conclusion is that if you have contempt for your partner, it's done — you might as well get a divorce attorney.I said to Kristen, "We should try hard to police ourselves about becoming contemptuous of each other.I just kept going back to "This person has the thing I want, and I have to figure out how we can exist peacefully Kristen: You do better in the gym with a trainer; you don't figure out how to cook without reading a recipe. Dax: I noticed an actor and her husband on [a recent cover of a celebrity tabloid] that said, "In Couples' Therapy!" The clear message is, "Oh, their marriage is ending." There's such a negative connotation.

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If I ever see you roll your eyes at me, we need to hit Pause and figure out what's going on."Kristen: If something pisses you off, you've got to find the balls to bring it up immediately, and say it in a way that the other person can hear.

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