Updating nero oem cd burner art of dating c00l

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Updating nero oem cd burner

You can get the download links from his site, but I’ll reproduce the links here, note that these links could go dead at any time: SW: 5238 Update by josi HW: C3-C12 part1 / part2 / part3 (452 MB) After downloading, I used 7-Zip to unzip and merge the three files together into a single ISO image.An alternative is to try and download it from Bit Torrent, here’s a torrent file you can try (you will need to unzip it to extract the torrent file then use something like utorrent to process the torrent file and start the download).On mine it is only 13.8GB, this is definitely smaller than what I had before, I think I had around 20GB before, so I probably do have some wasted space for the POI database which I could reclaim using one of these repartitioning tools, but I will save all this for another day.Next step is to check the hidden menu – I held down the setup button for about 10 seconds and sure enough it popped up.

No idea why, but I guess the only way to really check is to pull the unit and look at the physical label.It seems that on older firmware versions this hidden menu is not available.So I was struggling at the first step, I had no idea which hardware/firmware revision I was running.BUT, it also seems that the map partition may not be big enough to hold all the data for the latest map DVD’s (the V12 Western Europe DVD is 5.5GB, compared with V4 which is about 3.5GB), so I’ve read somewhere that some firmware versions may actually resize the partitions, so even if you have 3 you may still lose all your files.There are also other custom firmwares that change the partition sizes to give you more space for music files and not so much room for the POI data.

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When you upgrade to a later version of firmware, it creates an additional partition for the new POI data available with the latest map DVD’s, so the upgrade may wipe your HDD to create 3 partitions.

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