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Updating content has encountered problem

Waiting a minute doesn't seem to get me anywhere. Michael EDIT: JSS is 9.24, all machines 10.8.5 I've seen this with 9.3 and have an open support case on it:ref:_00D80c Ow4._500C0Yrd JI:ref We ended up going back to 9.25 for the time being.Removing the framework and deleting the item in the JSS, then re-Reconing doesn't resolve either. It happens for us on new enrolls, new machines being imaged.I also had this problem when switching to the new release candidate of mars.None of the above mentioned solutions did work for me.I removed all the JAMF related components, restarted and then ran Recon from the Mac (as well as remotely). A LOT has changed since this post was last updated.sudo jamf enroll -prompt does not resolve the issue and not sure what to look for in /etc \- there is not a"crontab" file present in /etc. Could you give a broader description of your environment and your issue?

Null Pointer Exception" The notes from our dev team mention that the following characters, in addition to commas, can cause the issue: \ " Were getting the same exact error on a single machine as of today. I tried to re-enroll the machine as well as copy a working self service from a good machine.

We’ve seen this resolve the seemingly random Self Service crashes as well as solve issues where computers appear to enroll but won’t run any policies on automatic triggers or throw errors about being unable to create launch agents in the

Thanks, Amanda Wulff JAMF Software Support Having this issue with just one MBP in a remote office.

As soon as a "/" is added, it warns about "duplicate entry" and disables the 'Update' control.

Instead, selected all the 'eclipse' -related items, did 'export' to a file, closed eclipse, then edited the file in Ultra Edit, as specified, then 'import'ed the file. Comment: why these updates (eclipse and Android's too) have so many flow problems in their update processes tells me the developers of these two sets of packages aren't using these methods. eclipse Indigo 2012, apparently now mostly Feb 2012 through Apr 2013.

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Also, what are you seeing specifically and what have you tried and what were the results?