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Life in a Glass House: Diatoms Shatter Young Earth Flood Geology).

Huge masses of plant debris were rapidly buried in what thus became coal beds, and organic matter generally was dispersed throughout the many catastrophically deposited sedimentary rock layers.

Radiocarbon dating is used to provide an absolute date. Independent confirmation of the ice core data that shows a cooling event in the region around 8200 years ago.

This also falsifies the OEYC argument that all life was created in six consecutive days 6000 years ago (on an old Earth) as we have pollen from plants 2200 years before the OEYCs claim they were created!

In the Flood geology hypothesis of Earth’s history the rock of the Ordovician through the Cretaceous and maybe even all the way to Neogene are claimed to have been deposited all within a year or few years.

If pre-Flood oceans “teemed with diatoms” then the Flood geology model would predict that diatoms should be found throughout all the layers of rock.

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The timing of that drought corresponds perfectly to arid winds over the Cariaco Basin (line B) and cooling in Greenland (line A): So far, we have surveyed only a small fraction of the records from around the world, which document this famed climate event 8,200 years ago.