Punchy dating headlines

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Punchy dating headlines

Use simple, easily understood language in your headlines.It makes them easier to read, more accessible, and more clickable.Of course, window dressing is one way to get prospective customers’ attention, but online, this task falls to your PPC ads.Even if you have the best product or service since sliced bread (or Uber), it won’t matter if you can’t tempt prospects to click on your ads.Great ad headlines are like the flashy displays you see in store windows every day.

To learn more about the problem-solving aspect of PPC ad copy, check out this article from PPC University about ad text.This technique is just as crucial when it comes to your ad headlines as it is in the body copy of your ad.People don’t want to buy “things” – they want to solve their problems.This is also an exception to the “include the keyword” tip outlined above – although this ad headline doesn’t include the keyword I searched for, it’s still a much more compelling ad than the others I saw.If I were looking for a divorce attorney – which I’m not, by the way! Perry Marshall, author of the world’s best-selling book on Google Ad Words, is always talking about the importance of solving prospects’ problems in your ad copy.

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This one might seem like a no-brainer, but I’m consistently amazed by how many ads I see with vague, ambiguous headlines that don’t feature the keyword I searched for – like the one below.

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