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Ready cleavage, as compared with diamond, and electrical conductivity are consequences of the crystal structure of graphite.

Other related properties are softness and lubricity (smoothness, slipperiness).

The distance between carbon atoms along the bond is 1.54 × 10 cm, and this is called the single-bond length.

The space lattice of the diamond can be visualized as carbon atoms in puckered hexagonal (six-sided) rings that lie roughly in one plane, the natural cleavage plane of the crystal; and these sheets of hexagonal, puckered rings are stacked in such a way that the atoms in every fourth layer lie in the same position as those in the first layer. Such a crystal structure can be destroyed only by the rupture of many strong bonds.

If the ends of the bonds are connected, the structure is that of a tetrahedron, a three-sided pyramid of four faces (including the base).

The successful synthesis of diamond is based upon this principle.

Death of an organism terminates this equilibration process; no fresh carbon dioxide is added to the dead substance.

The carbon-14 present in the dead substance decays in accordance with its 5,730-year (± 40 years) half-life, while the carbon-12 remains what it was at death.

A less common form of graphite, which occurs in nature, is based upon an ABCABCA… The amorphous varieties of carbon are based upon microcrystalline forms of graphite.

The individual layers of carbon in graphite are called graphene, which was successfully isolated in single-layer form in 2004 by physicists Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim.

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