Free phone chat in toronto canada

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Free phone chat in toronto canada

I’ll miss the ability to check my airtime online, but heck, the Rogers site was always down, so I’ll learn to dial *777 to check airtime!

If no one spams my cell phone number with text messages, the 5 cents per incoming or outgoing message will end up cheaper than the free incoming, 15 cents outgoing plan with Rogers.

Having an existing Rogers phone was handy to switch SIM cards, but I wouldn’t have minded using the Nokia 1112 either.

January 13th, 2007 update: I’ve noticed that 7-Eleven correctly charges a 59-second call as one minute, whereas Rogers used to charge such a call as two minutes.

But of course, Virgin Mobile plans only work with Virgin Mobile phones — not the most flexible option.

Then I discovered that 7-Eleven has a service called Speak Out Wireless.

Now that my balance has expired, my options at Rogers are a bit limited.

Not only that, but the Rogers website seems to be always down, and after 4 attempts at topping up an extra , I gave up. See my other post with links to Canadian prepaid / pay as you go cell phone service providers.

Most other providers have the same problem in that their balance expires too fast.

I considered Virgin Mobile, as 0 of airtime is valid for a year, with a rate of 25 cents per minute, free incoming text messages, and 15 cents outgoing text messages (5 cents between Virgin Mobile customers).

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Thankfully, 7-Eleven piggybacks onto the Rogers network, so once I bought the phone, I managed to switch the SIM card into my GSM v186 phone (locked to Rogers).

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