Drosophila fly article dating before 1950

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Drosophila fly article dating before 1950

In the late 1960s, NASA launched a series of Biosatellites carrying insects, frog eggs, microorganisms and plants.

The third and final Biosatellite carried a pig-tailed monkey. After humans landed on the moon in 1969, animals in space no longer made the headlines, but spacecraft still carried biological payloads, including rabbits, turtles, insects, spiders, fish, jellyfish, amoebae and algae.

The first animals in outer space were fruit flies launched in a captured Nazi V-2 rocket on Feb. The flies reached an altitude of 68 miles (108 km) and were recovered alive by parachute.A previous monkey, Albert I, died when the V-2 rocket failed before reaching peak altitude.Two other monkeys, Albert III and IV, also died when their rockets failed. 15, 1950, attained an altitude of 85 miles (137 km), but died when the rocket disintegrated due to parachute failure. A total of 32 monkeys have flown in space, including (from left): rhesus macaques, cynomolgus monkeys, squirrel monkeys and pig-tailed monkeys. In the 1950s, the Soviet Union launched a total of 12 dogs on various suborbital flights.[See photos of the Bion-M1 space animals mission] Karl's association with goes back to 2000, when he was hired to produce interactive Flash graphics.Starting in 2010, Karl has been Tech Media Network's infographics specialist across all editorial properties.

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Enos became the first chimp to orbit a Mercury spacecraft on Nov. She reached an altitude of 100 miles (160 km) and landed safely. Russian space dogs Veterok and Ugolyok orbited a record 22 days before landing safely on March 16, 1966.

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