Dopamine dating

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Dopamine dating

Everytime you see this person, you feel all giddy, happy, and excited due to the dopamine released in your brain. At this point, the regions of the brain responsible for that “in-love” feeling, the limbic system governed by dopamine, is lit up.

And since your brain wants you to keep this feeling of infatuation, it fires off more dopamine each time you see or even think of this person. Come date night, your palms are sweaty, your heart’s racing, and you are so nervous and excited. Basically, your brain has decided that it wants to continue this feeling, and maybe even leads you to crave and desire that person.

The amygdala is responsible for detecting dangerous situations, even discerning if a person is lying to us. As you spend more and more time with this person, you create a bond, an attachment, caused by oxytocin.

This “love hormone” is produced in the hypothalamus and released in the brain during times of intimacy and connection, even when we orgasm.

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While many say that dopamine is the pleasure chemical in the brain, it actually does more than give you a high.

Imagine this happening throughout your brain, on a larger scale via the various complex networks in your brain, particularly the dopamine pathway.This pathway, also called mesolimbic pathway, starts deep in the middle of the brain and sends signals out to other regions, causing a complex interplay of brain chemicals and brain cells.The effects of dopamine on the brain, and generally on you, depend on where the dopamine is coming from, where the receiving neurons are, what type of neurons they are, and what receptors are receiving the signals, and so many other factors.Dopamine is just one of the many chemical signals that pass information from one neuron to the next through synapses, which are spaces between the billions of neurons in your brain.Each neuron either sends or receives signals from dopamine molecules between each other depending on the stimuli that your brain receives.

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Yes, it’s your brain that makes all your feelings, thoughts, and sensations possible. The limbic system is a complex network of nerves in the brain, which controls your basic emotions, motivations, instincts, and moods.

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