Dataset updating multiple tables Adult cam 2 cam uk

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Dataset updating multiple tables

For FTS tables, "docid" is allowed as an alias along with the usual "rowid", "oid" and "_oid_" identifiers.Attempting to insert or update a row with a docid value that already exists in the table is an error, just as it would be with an ordinary SQLite table. FTS3 has been available since SQLite version 3.5.0 (2007-09-04) The enhancements for FTS4 were added with SQLite version 3.7.4 (2010-12-07).Which module, FTS3 or FTS4, should you use in your application?On the other hand, in the absence of a matchinfo=fts3 directive FTS4 requires a little more disk space than FTS3, though only a percent of two in most cases.For newer applications, FTS4 is recommended; though if compatibility with older versions of SQLite is important, then FTS3 will usually serve just as well.In this case the new docid will be 54, -- one greater than the largest docid currently present in the table.INSERT INTO pages(title, body) VALUES('Download', 'All SQLite source code...'); -- Change the title of the row just inserted.

This is pure syntactic sugar, the supplied typenames are not used by FTS or the SQLite core for any purpose.

-- Create an FTS table named "papers" with two columns that uses -- the tokenizer "porter".

CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE papers USING fts3(author, document, tokenize=porter); -- Create an FTS table with a single column - "content" - that uses -- the "simple" tokenizer.

The same applies to any constraints specified along with an FTS column name - they are parsed but not used or recorded by the system in any way.

-- Create an FTS table named "data" with one column - "content": CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE data USING fts3(); -- Create an FTS table named "pages" with three columns: CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE pages USING fts4(title, keywords, body); -- Create an FTS table named "mail" with two columns.

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For the curious, a complete description of the data structure used to store this index within the database file appears below.

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