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See also A Space Marine Is You, a specific form of a Cliché Storm; see also Deconstructor Fleet, for works that take all the cliches and play them realistically. Compare and contrast Troperiffic, which is a more fun version of this trope, although the lines between the two are blurry and kind of subjective.

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Lots of color balancing and trimming to do, and I’ll share them as I go.

HUGE thanks to the original poster-I hope these adjustments and tweaks can bring a smile to some of your faces.

the situations and setups are clipped out of another story and pasted in as-is.

Related to Speaks in Shout-Outs, when a character's dialogue extensively uses direct quotations from a specific work.

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It will be the first time a male has been reintroduced to the wild together with his females and offspring, and this story in particular brings a lump to the throat.