Blackberry last contact time not updating

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Blackberry last contact time not updating

If the date and time are correct, or if you have problems after fixing them, continue troubleshooting. Once it has restarted, test to see whether you can now send and receive email. To check the network settings on most models: If you are unable to register the handheld or connect to the network, or do not have the correct options displayed in the "Roaming" or "Status" fields, contact your service provider.If these settings are all correct, and you are able to register your Black Berry, continue troubleshooting.You can check the news feed (filtering by status updates, photos or links, if you like), read and send messages, search for and add friends, and share your location with Places.Another feature of Facebook for Black Berry is the ability to capture and upload photos, or add them from your saved images.Remove the device battery for about five minutes to ensure a complete disconnect from the Black Berry network.

Below, you will find information about network coverage that supports email for AT&T and Verizon; for other carriers, contact your provider to determine what to look for.After testing various Android phones I found it wasn't working for me either.It turns out that Facebook disabled contact syncing sometime over the past two months.Older models that do not support EDGE or 3G will most likely have a "GPRS" indicator; "GPRS" should be capitalized.Following is a table of network status indicators for those models: Skip to next troubleshooting step To send or receive email, the network status indicator for Verizon should be "1XEV", "EDGE", "1X", "GPRS", or "3G" with a Black Berry symbol following.

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Regardless of what carrier you use, if your network status indicates email is not supported in your area, you must move to a location where email is supported.

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