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I lived in NYC for 20 years and only drank it occasionally.

Now that I live in Vermont, I realize how good life was when MS was as far away as my corner store.

Schulz I have been drinking this since I was a kid- wonderful, nothing like it anywhere else!

I just found 2 bottles in a local grocery store and it was like finding gold!!!! Sunday, December 20, 2015 - PM Message from: Nick La Fonte I grew up in NJ in an Italian family and it seems that whenever we had pizza we had Manhattan Special. Understand this, I hate soda, I very rarely drink it. So this Thanksgiving while visiting family in Jersey I picked up 3 cases. Please make it available in grocery stores in WI; I shared some with my coffee drinking friends in WI and they love it.Even thought the shipping is as much as the product I will order it from you directly. Sunday, November 22, 2015 - PM Message from: Robin Grant I am so glad to see Manhattan Special is still in production.The original bottled coffee drink to which all others are imitators.I gave them a bottle of my precious liquid delight as a present. " Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - AM Message from: Robert Iannizzotto I have been enjoying Manhattan Special since as far back as I can remember!They emailed me: "I am now officially addicted after only one half bottle. Everytime I have one, it brings back the good old days of Brooklyn past!

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